Out This Month: September


“No One Ever Leaves Port Henri” by K. A. Teryna, translated from the Russian by Alex Shvartsman (Galaxy’s Edge, September 1).






“The Book Reader” by Keishi Kajifune, translated from the Japanese by Toshiya Kamei (Clarkesworld, September 1).






“Casualties of the Quake” by Wang Yuan, translated from the Chinese by Andy Dudak (Analog, September/October).






“The Post-Conscious Age” by Su Min, translated from the Chinese by Nathan Faries (Future Science Fiction Digest, September).







Excerpt from If We Can’t Go at the Speed of Light by Kim Choyeop, translated from the Korean by Youngjae Josephine Bae (Korean Literature Now, September).









Fauna by Christiane Vadnais, translated from the French (Quebec) by Pablo Strauss (Coach House Books, September 22).






Creative Surgery by Clelia Farris, translated from the Italian by Rachel Cordasco and Jennifer Delare (Rosariump Publishing, September 29).







“The Future Crossroads of Korean SF Literature” by Park Sang Joon, Korean Literature Now

“Chinese Science Fiction Goes Global” by Regina Kanyu Wang, Korean Literature Now

Harry Martinson: “The Star Song, translated by Daniel Helsing, NYRSF

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