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Finnish SFT: Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

  NOVELS The Rabbit Back Literature Society, translated by Lola M. Rogers (Thomas Dunne Books, 2015). “A highly contagious book virus, a literary society and a Snow Queen-like disappearing author. ‘She came to realise that under one reality there’s always another. And another one under that.’ Only very special people are chosen by children’s author

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Finnish SFT: Risto Isomäki

    The Sands of Sarasvati (2005) by Risto Isomäki, translated by Owen F. Witesman (Into Publishing, 2013). “Indian scientists discover a vast stretch of underwater ruins at the West Coast of India. Have they found Atlantis, the fabled sunken continent? Marine archaeologist Amrita Desai and Russian submarine expert Sergei Savelnikov investigate the underwater ruins,

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Finnish SFT: Johanna Sinisalo

  Johanna Sinisalo is an internationally-known, award-winning Finnish author of science fiction and fantasy. She has also edited and co-edited anthologies of Finnish SFT. Possibly the most well-known Finnish speculative author in English, Sinisalo has been called the “Queen of Finnish Weird” because of how she translates her deep interest in plants, folk tales, and

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Finnish SFT: Leena Krohn

  Leena Krohn is an award-winning Finnish author (including the Finlandia Prize for literature in 1992) of science fiction and fantasy. Her numerous books and stories—written both for children and adults—explore questions of reality and illusion, artificial intelligence, and the power of the natural world. Profile in The New Yorker     NOVELS/COLLECTIONS Datura, or

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