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Out This Month: February

SHORT STORIES “Introduction to 2181 Overture, Second Edition” by Gu Shi, translated from the Chinese by Emily Jin (Clarkesworld, February 1) NOVELS Our Share of Night by Mariana Enriquez, translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell (Hogarth, February 7) A young father and son set out on a road trip, devastated by the death of

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Review: The Erinys Incident by Tani Kōshū

translated from the Japanese by Simon Varnum original edition (Japanese): 1983 translated edition: Kurodahan Press, 2018 grab a copy here or through your local independent bookstore or library Reading The Erinys Incident reminded me that I’m still quite upset about the publisher Kurodahan shutting down. For decades, Kurodahan gave us Anglophone readers a wonderful selection

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Out This Month: November

SHORT STORIES   “The Words” by Clelia Farris, translated from the Italian by Rachel Cordasco (Apex Magazine, November 1) (available online 11/15)         “Hummingbird, Resting on Honeysuckles” by Yang Wanqing, translated from the Chinese by Jay Zhang (Clarkesworld Magazine, November 1)       ANTHOLOGIES   Kurdistan + 100: Stories from a

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Out This Month: October

SHORT STORIES   “Fly Free” by Alan Kubatiev, translated from the Russian by Alex Shvartsman (Clarkesworld, October 1). “Giant Fish” by Chu Shifan, translated from the Chinese by Stella Jiayue Zhu (Clarkesworld, October 1).         “Warm beds” by Mónica Bustos, translated from the Spanish (Paraguay) by Analía Villagra (Samovar, October 24) “The

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Out This Month: September

COLLECTIONS   Swedish Cults by Anders Fager, translated from the Swedish by Henning Koch and Ian Lemke (Valancourt Books, September 6) Forget everything you think you know about Sweden. In Anders Fager’s stories, Sweden is revealed as a place where dark and unimaginable things happen. Where deep in the woods bloody sacrifices are made to

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