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Review: Futurespotting by Francesco Verso

various translators Future Fiction March 21, 2021 194 pages grab a copy “Fernando Morales, This is Your Death!” tr. Sally McCorry “Midsummer Future,” tr. Sally McCorry “Italianskij Tikaj Tikaj,” tr. Tom Crosshill “90 Cents,” tr. Sally McCorry “Flush,” tr. Georgia Emma Gili “The Green Ship,” tr. Michael Colbert “Celestial Formatting,” tr. Georgia Emma Gili “The

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Samovar Magazine: Interviews with Francesco Verso and Clelia Farris

In Samovar Magazine this month, you’ll find two interviews with Italian SF authors, and an essay on the SF conference in Chengdu by Francesco Verso: Interview: Francesco Verso Interview: Clelia Farris “A Report from the 4th International Science Fiction Conference in Chengdu” by Francesco Verso  

SFT over the past 5 years

          I recently took a look at trends in SFT between 2016 and 2021, and I found some pretty interesting facts: short-form SFT Spanish and Chinese SFT are in the top three every year peak short SFT (i.e. the highest number published) was in 2019 Clarkesworld brings Anglophone readers more SFT

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SFT 2021 Stats

This year, I tried something different. Instead of just looking at how many short stories were published in magazines/webzines, and then grouping collections with novels and anthologies (while not pulling out the separate short stories in those collections), I decided to lay out how many short stories were published in zines and how many were

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Review: Nova Hellas: Stories from Future Greece

edited by Francesca T. Barbini and Francesco Verso all stories originally written in Greek were translated by Dimitra Nikolaidou and Vaya Pseftaki, except for the last story, which was translated by Stephanie Polakis Luna Press Publishing March 30, 2021 164 pages grab a copy here or or through your local independent bookstore or library Contents:

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